Peer reviewed articles

2016 – Tanović, Sabina, “Anchoring time to architectural space: temporality and
spatiality in places of memory”, Olena Lytovka (ed.), Spatiality and Temporality,
Interdisciplinary Research Forum – IRF (forthcoming)

2015 – Tanović, Sabina, “Confronting difficult memory through absence: space in contemporary memorial architecture”, LUCAS, Issue 3: Death, Absence, and Aesthetics, pp. 48-65

2013 – Tanović, Sabina, “Contemporary Memorial: Preserving and Creating a Sense of Place”, in: Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Hazards and Modern Heritage: Importance of Place, CICOPBH, Sarajevo, Vol. 2, No. 1, p. 155

Other publications

Tanović, Sabina, “Budućnost industrijske baštine Bosne i Hercegovine” (“Future of the industrial heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina”), Oslobođenje (27.10.2016), pp. 30/31

– Tanović, Sabina: interview with Jos Wassink, ‘Plaats geven aan rouw’, Delta nr. 7 (14 December 2015) p. 6. Available at:


11/2015 – Memory in Architecture: Contemporary Memorial Projects and their Predecessors, Delft University of Technology. Available at:

Ongoing projects

– Book publication “Designing Memory: Contemporary memorial projects and their predecessors”, in the process of editing with Prof. Dr. Jay Winter, Yale University and main editor of the series Studies in the Social and Cultural History of Modern Warfare, Cambridge University Press