Co-author: Dario Kristić

There is nothing in the world except empty curved space.
Matter, charge, electromagnetism, and other fields are only manifestations of
the curvature of space.

John Wheeler


The design aims to emphasize nature and natural forces. To do this, a solitary space for contemplation and a uniform magnetic field are introduced. A choice of materialization and carefully composed walkways aim to create an immersive experience for visitors. The presence of the magnetic field and its physical forces are only visible as augmented reality.

‘Mons Sanctus’ together with the Tree of Life symbolically refer to three planes of reality: underworld, real world and the heavens. Virtual reality is orthogonal to these.

The symmetry of the space is further accentuated by the East axis of the Sun, marked as a cut in the approaching platform. This cut contains streaming water and disappears beneath the invisible magnetic field. In this way, it indicates eerie presence of the inner sanctum residing underneath the platform.

Monsanto Line_Front1


It will also be an invitation to rethink our connections with the past.

To approach the sanctum, we need to descend three meters below the platform. After passing through the south portal, a subtly introduced slope leads the way downwards. The kinesthetic quality of the gradual descend is a transformative experience. There is no educational or informative content here, only a space that appears as if designed by nature itself. As we go further along the sloping pathway, the feeling of entering a sacred space of nature is enhanced.

Monsanto Ent01_Ent005.2

Once inside, a circular room with a round water basin in the middle opens up in front of us. The basin and the sphere above are superimposed and thus literary refer to the wave-particle duality of light. Aligned with the basin, a narrow water cut in the ceiling leads towards a reversed arch opening framing the view. In contrast to the roughhewn walls and the earth floor, an altar-like bench invites for contemplation. In the sanctuary, experience of protected solitude is enhanced.