D:gorazde1 Model (1)competition entry (2012)
Co-authors: Hajra Helać, Edina Sujoldž


The ‘Bridge under the bridge’ was built in 1994 to shelter the citizens of Goražde when crossing the main city bridge (today renamed Alija Izetbegovic bridge) during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Next to saving civilian lives, the structure was the only way of communication between the two sides of the city. Due to a long period of neglect, the bridge is in danger of disappearing. To preserve the authentic construction and bring awareness about the importance of this heritage, local government published a call for architectural solutions for the bridge’s restoration and a new memorial spaces on the shoreline of Drina river.

The proposal is therefore focused on restoration of the existing bridge under the bridge, but it also aims to reactivate its purpose as a clandestine bridge. To do this, we use light to emphasize the existence of the structure and introduce documentary material along the walkway. On both sides of the bridge, the proposal envisions multipurpose public spaces. On one side, this space is floating on the river as an open auditorium from where the bridge under the bridge is visible in its entirety.

The remembrance is contained in the authentic. Contents added to the site do not straightforwardly convey history and the narrative itself through materiality but are focused on the subject visually.