Honorable award for the Triangle Fire Memorial competition in New York (2013)
Co-author: Dario Kristić

Memorial for the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire contains symbolic, documentary and interactive components. These are materialized as following:

The cloth – is the prominent feature of the memorial, positioned at the corner of the authentic building  and reminiscent of the material used by the workers of the Triangle factory. Symbolically, it is a ‘broken’ shirtwaist, patched together with a dark suture, that interacts with weather conditions since the bearing structure allows it to move. In this way, the cloth becomes ‘alive’.

Lenticular photograph – a visual continuation of the cloth that interacts with the pedestrians since its visibility depends on the angle and the distance of the viewer.

Commemorative triangles and a historical timeline – offer a possibility for people to learn about the event and mourn the victims.

Combined, these segments form a layered memorial that is at the same time didactic, tactile and interactive.

triangle-c01rev01        triangle-c02