Memorial museum and Research center ‘Tunnel of Hope’ in Sarajevo

The memorial museum for the ‘Tunnel of Hope’ and the related research center, are designed to preserve the memory on the significance of this structure, but also to create space that can meet complex demands of the existing memorial site.

Two buildings, separated by the Sarajevo airport, communicate in both their materialization and symbolic meaning. The concept of the design derives from the fact that earth was the essence in the process of making the tunnel. In order to create this structure, enormous heaps of earth were taken out and were placed adjacent to the exits and entrances to the tunnel. In addition, tranches have been made in order to provide people using the tunnel to move in a safer way. Therefore, buildings are designed to reffer to the once existing situation. Outter walls are made of rammed earth with visible layers of soil. Furthermore, the exhibition spaces discend gradually into the earth, towards the authentic parts of the tunnel that are still possible to enter and experience.

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